Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Vintage sewing

The sewing bug has bit me. And in the unusual place of the 1940s and 50s. ;) It's rather odd, too, as those years are ones that I'm naturally fond of. Perhaps it was this dress I saw on etsy not to long ago:

What's also strange is that I'm not a polka dot person at all. 75% of my wardrobe is stripes and the rest is solid or woven to go with said striped items. ;) The dress is quite simple from what I can tell, with just a full aline skirt attached to the empire waist. Perhaps this will be included with my other tucked-away ideas for future reference.

In the mean time I really want to sew up that 1930s frock I posted about months ago. This 1930s dress I pinned on pinterest is sort of an inspiration for it.

Hmm. Polka dots again. Maybe they're starting to grow on me. Or maybe I'm just recovering from being bitten from the sewing bug. ;)


Sarah said...


Looks like you have some fun inspirations! I really like the idea of polka dots too, not that I generally consider polka dots. I usually like checkered or floral, but the polka dots lend a really nice vintage feel.

Happy sewing!


Cheri said...

Thanks, Sarah! I hope your summer is going well. :)