Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekend Favorites

Well, I am back in the south, but now in a state that is north of my former one. Any readers from the Carolina's? I need to know of some good thrift stores!! :)

The theme for this post is rather obvious. Due partly because I auditioned today and partly because I just love music. All pictures are courtesy of Pinterest.

[ No. 1] This quote.

[No. 2] This music from BBC's "North & South" is so pretty. Wish it were longer.

[No. 3] Such good reminders for me, especially with transferring to a school that is known throughout the country for it's music school.

[No. 4] No picture for this one, but I've realized lately how blessed I am to have learned from some of the greatest of violinists & violin teachers, and been under some of the best teachers and professors from my former college. I'm anticipating learning and growing even more here over the next couple of years.

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