Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a happy surprise

When yesterday morning I had checked how my ebay item was doing, I was surprised to see how high it went up, and then eventually sold for the amount that it did.  

And it also made me glad for the amount that it sold for, because I spent a little more than I wanted to on this pattern. Though it is 1940's (which I have fallen in love with that era recently!) I think I could easily adapt it to made an Edwardian era (around 1912) dress like this dress or several others I've seen of that time. 

In other sewing news, my flannel 1940's housecoat/robe is coming along really well and I hope to finish it be the end of the week. Upcoming projects will be from the Regency era: finishing a semi-sheer summer gown, a bodiced petticoat to go with it, a cream silk duponi evening gown, and a dark green velvet spencer jacket. 

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