Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fixing this thing
I may know how to run sewing machine ans sergers, but understanding html and getting things to work right on the computer isn't my forte. Would anyone know how to get my profile/links/archive section up at the top and not way down at the bottom?


Coeur d'Court said...

This happened to me once... save your template and then try reinstalling the same one off blogspot again (or where ever it originally came from.)

The other suggestion would be to remove the long link about half way down your blog page. For some reason, that spread all the way across the screen and should really only be in the main part of your blogging area. That might do the trick for you.

I once had a picture that was wide and spread over my allotted writing space. Deleting the picture rectified a lot of my template problems.

Hope this helps!!

Serena said...

Hi Cheri,

I browsed over from another blog and saw your help with HTML post.

I think the issue is with the link on the post "Return of the Apron". Two of the links extend beyond the gray dividing line.

Try eliminating the two links and see if that helps.

Or try the following:

You can also shorten those urls so it will fit into your posts by going to

Here you can type or paste any long url link and it will shorten it for you to post on your blog or anywhere else.

I have a link to on my blog and use it frequently!!

Hope this helps!
Serena :)

Cheri said...

Thanks Courtney!

It is fixed now, yay!!

Cheri said...

Thanks so much Serena! I fixed the links by making them smaller, and that is what fixed it. I never thought of that, so thankyou. =)

Serena said...

Your welcome!! I have had the same thing happen!!