Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pray for Erin

My dear sister Erin has left this morning to go down to the airport. She is going out east to make her first and professional harp recording. She has asked for prayer and I know she'd be even more thankful if others will be praying for her too. Lord willing, it will be next week that she goes into the studio, so she'll have a couple days to really focus in and do some last minute practicing on her harp (which is already out there).

As a little advertisment, here is a video clip that I took with my camera which she was working on her "theme" song, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus:


Anonymous said...

Neat! I enjoyed that! Is it difficult to play the harp? Where is Erin going to be recording? Is she taking her harp with her? How long has your family had the harp? :)

I liked the new fabric samples you showed! Very pretty :)

~Tammy (

Cheri said...

Hi Tammy!

You know, Erin is the one one who plays the harp in our family, and has been playing for about 7 years I think. She actually has 4 of them. =) One was out in PA getting some repair work done, and so before the people shipped it out, she thought it would be a good opportunity to make a recording that she has wanted to do for so long and the Lord opened up all the doors. She'll be recording with Alter of Praise Studio.