Monday, October 02, 2006

Liberated Women

I always am blessed by what Crystal (from Biblical Womanhood) has to write about in her blog! Today she posted on "Liberated Women" and below is a snippet from what she posted:
I talk to so many families who say, "We can't live on one income." Thanks to the feminist movement, very few families think they can. Instead, mom and dad have to work 40-60 hours per week to pay the bills, pay the mortgage, pay the dry cleaner, pay the nanny, pay the house cleaner, pay the fast food restaurants, pay the babysitter, pay the boxed-food/frozen food dinner makers, and on and on. No wonder we can't live on one income anymore!
But, inspite of the damage caused by the feminist movement, there's hope. We don't have to follow this path of bondage. We don't have to buy into the lies. We can make one of the most truly liberating choices ever - we can choose home.
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