Friday, October 20, 2006

Using fabric scraps

I love Frugal Friday's! =) Crystal always has such wonderful money-saving tips, and ideas. For the past couple of weeks, I haven't made a post about this, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to share a "frugal idea" every weeks, but I'll do my best! =)
As a seamstress in our home (not to mention my three other sisters who sew!) we are always making something, whether it be for an order or for ourselves. With making lots of dresses, jumpers, blouses, skirts, vest (etc, etc) over the years, we have developed a very large trash bag that is stuffed and brimming full of left over scraps from items that we've made. It takes up quite a bit of space in our sewing room, and so every now and then we are tempted to just pitch the whole thing (why have it, if we don't use it right?), but we never can get up the courage to do it.
But this summer, I decided that I was going to go through the scrap bag to see if I could come up with a few fabrics to make a small quilt. Since I never have made a quilt before, I wanted to start out small. Going through the bag, I realized I could make many quilts and other small items (potholders, and so forth) with all this fabric, and then tuck them away for my own home someday.
So not only am I being wise with the left over scraps, I can make useful items that can saved hundreds of dollars in the future, Lord willing! Sometime I'll take pictures of things that I've made with our scraps that we thought were only good for the trash. =)


Anonymous said...

I also tend to keep my scraps! LOL! I even go as far as cut up old clothing to save the scraps from them (along with buttons and zippers and such). Several years ago, I decided to use my scraps to make Chrismas presents. I ended up making 4 table runners, and 4 wall hangings from my scraps. They were certainly a hit and didn't cost me anything other than the batting (I used an old sheet for the backing!).

Cheri said...

Hello Susan, and thanks for dropping by! It's fun to hear what other people do with scraps, so thanks for the ideas; I hadn't thought about table runners or wall hangings! =)

Oh yes, we save buttons too, and sometimes the zippers if they are in good condition. It is a amazing how much one can save with just buttons and zippers being reused!