Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Testimony of Modesty

Just recently someone had asked me how we came about learning to dress in a more modest, feminine manner. It was a good reminder for me to think back about 10 years ago when Mama had received some resources from the Barth Family Ministries out in Vermont. At the time I was an independent girl of 12 years old whose life was wrapped up in Gymnastics, and considered Mama's desires to wear dresses seemed rather peculiar and strict. I remember thinking that I didn't want to look like I was going to church everyday. =)
However I knew that she would desire for Erin and I to have these same convictions, but didn't push them on us. Although she did take me out of Gymnastics...she couldn't let her daughter be tumbling and dancing in front of others with just a skimpy leotard! Not being truly committed to serving Jesus, I was rebellious in my heart towards that decision she made. Now being born again, I praise the Lord that she made that decision then!
Ever since I was young, I have always loved old-fashioned, prairie, victorian stuff and so for two years I chose to wear jumpers, skirts, culottes to just "look old-fashioned." But it was two years later that when I had been truly born again, the Lord confirmed it in my heart that dressing in a modest, feminine way, is truly His delight for me.
And it really has been a joy for me to dress the way I do. Yes, we do get quite a few stares, looks, questions (the most popular: Are you Amish or Mennonite?), but then we alot receive a lot of compliments and it is interesting that most of them have been from men. They open the doors for us, they tell us how much they appreciate the way we dress, and one guy even offered to pump the gas into our car! =)
But most importantly, I believe God Himself gives us His smile of approval when we choose to dress in a way that is distinct from what man wears, as well as being separate from this world. However I must add that all of this is fruitless if our hearts are not adorned with modesty and femininity. More about this next time as I must be off!

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