Saturday, February 24, 2007

The art of wearing an apron

"Do not make the mistake of thinking that an apron is a not-so-very important garment. As a matter of fact, it is really quite as important as a dress—for who can tell when an unexpected guest is going to "drop in" for a chat and find one at the disadvantage of being aproned! But the disadvantage can be changed to an advantage. The apron can be made a very delightful garment. One may actually feel proud to be found wearing a pretty combination of lace and ribbon and soft white dimity—or a rather trig apron-affair of gingham and muslin ruffles.And then, of course, there is the feeling of utter neatness and satisfaction when one is wearing a crisp little apron. Even though it does hide the pretty dress underneath, it can be so very pretty itself that one hardly minds." --From the New-Way Course in Fashionable Clothes-Making.

It seems like I am always wearing an apron around the home, weather it be for cleaning or cooking. In fact, my last count of aprons was 6 I believe. They are great fun to wear as well as make!

The above apron, my favorite style of all, is one that I made recently, and I am wanting to offer it for sale to those who might be interested in it. It was made out of white weavers cloth and comes with a front pocket that is adorned with lace coming from an 1812 lace machine over in England. It would fit a ladies size small to medium I am asking $40 for it, and that includes Priority shipping.

Anyway, before I offer it up on our website, I thought I'd mention it here first and give blog readers a chance to take the opportunity of having free shipping. =) Feel free to write us if you'd like this apron. We only have one of them!


Anonymous said...

The apron is beautiful & I love the new look of your site! Keep up the good all are such good examples of Godly young women. May God continue to use you to inspire others & bring glory to his name! In him, S.V.

Cheri said...

Hello, S.! Thankyou for your encouragment! =) You are an inspiration to us girls as well!

Anonymous said...

the apron is lovely, just curious, in some pictures of you, you are wearing a head covering, others you're not. just curious why only sometimes (not that it is right or wrong)

Cheri said...


I always wear a headcovering/scarf, but I guess in some pictures you can't quite see it. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Cheri,
I realise this is a very old post (2 years) so I am not sure you will read my question.
I found this post while looking for a peticular style of apron. I am employed as a maid and have been asked to find a formal uniform for evening/serving wear. I think an apron similar to this would suit. Do you still make them? Normally maids uniforms are shorter but I prefer a long dress/apron even for day wear. Simply, I like the fact I can bend over,kneel down and not worry about anything showing that should'nt. Although doing housework in a longish dress is sometimes a little harder, I prefer modesty to fashion.

Please respond if you read this.