Monday, July 23, 2007

REVISED - Fabric for Sale: Tropical Breeze and Flannel's

Purple floral. Tropical Breeze - 9-1/2 yds - $27

Purple roses on green. Tropical Breeze - 10 yds - $30

Cream and burgundy floral flannel - SOLD

White flannel w/ blue flowers - SOLD



  • Shipping on all of these will be a flate rate price of $8.95 for Priority Mail.
  • Items were measured approximately, and many of them have scraps to go along that would work perfect for the little things in sewing, such as back ties, bodice facings, cuffs for sleeves, pockets, etc.

  • Sold as "one piece" and not by yards.
  • E-mail us if you are interested.


  • 1 comment:

    Sommer said...

    Cheri~You don't know how hard it is to resist the temptation to buy some of this fabric! If only I had a bit of extra money right now :-(