Saturday, July 28, 2007

Weekend giveaway - CD

From Crystal's website:
“I believe that God has something so much greater for Christian young women today than following the careerism, consumerism, humanism, and feminism that the world wants to offer you.”

In this session, originally given at the Ultimate Homeschool Expo, Crystal Paine, a homeschool graduate who is now happily married and mother of two, shares from her heart and personal experience three keys to living a vibrant, meaningful life while unmarried. Packed with practical ideas and Biblical encouragement. 70 minutes. Includes an audience question and answer segment at the end.

I was so excited to listen to this CD, and I definately consider it to be one of my favorite speaking audio's. It is literally brimming full of encouragement for single young women who wondering "what am I going to do next?" or just wondering what to do while waiting for Prince Charming, and I am thrilled that I have an extra copy to giveaway! As like last time...

To enter: Please e-mail us your name and mailing address and you'll be automatically added into the drawing. One name per household.
To be entered in twice: Mention this giveaway on your blog/LiveJournal/xanga, then e-mail us with a link to your blog, and you will be added twice!
To find out who won: Make sure you are in by Monday at 12:00pm MST and we'll anounce the winner sometime shortly after we do a random drawing!