Friday, October 12, 2007

Apron Giveaway

Is is that time of year where our western sky seems to be at its most vivid blue color. White clouds are scattered across the blue sky, while down below the gardens finish producing the year's harvest (in our case: tomatoes!) and trees begin to show their autumn colors of golden yellow, rustic orange, and copper reds.

This evening, clouds are decending from off the mountains bringing rain (we hope!) and cool weather. It is currently 56 degrees and I think we'll be anticipating a much cooler night tonight.

With all of these things, I always get in a mood for baking delightful treats in the kitchen such as my favorite homemade bread recipe, a coffee cake, or apple crisp.

Are you getting inspired? If not, perhaps this apron will help! =)

Yes, I have decided to offer one more apron for a giveaway (more will be made to sell on ebay) this year. I made the apron from a vintage late 60's apron pattern and the fabric was found at an flea market/antique store that looked sort of like a 60's to 70's fabric.

To enter: Please e-mail us your name and mailing address and you'll be automatically added into the drawing.

To find out who won: Make sure you are in by noon (MST) on Wednesday and we'll anounce the winner of the apron sometime shortly after we do a random drawing!