Saturday, October 27, 2007

North & South

Based from another work by Elizabeth Gaskell, this work I believe was dated around 1850.

Thanks to a friend who loaned us North & South, we girls watched this 4 hour film last night since our youngest sister had a bunch of friends over for a sleep over. For a review of the film, you may enjoy this link.

North & South is quite different than Jane Austen films, or even Wives and Daughters that was written by Elizabeth Gaskell. I think maybe because the time period is closer to the Civil War era. It did seem to have a hints of a similar story line to Pride and Prejudice however.

Do I need to even mention that the gowns of there were scrumptious?! I loved them! =) I am now online to search for dress and gown patterns from this era. Don't be surprised if I make a couple.

I also found it interesting that the woman who played as Margaret Hale looks surprisingly like a young woman we know who just got married last month, and also like Elizabeth Botkin. What do you think?

After watching so many films of late that were filmed in England, I am wishing that I could talk English like that. I should learnsometime, since after all, we are predominately English.

There, you all even got a little family history in with this post! =)


Anonymous said...

OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! A friend of ours let us borrow it last month and I think that it is my new favorite movie. ;) It definitely IS different from the other movies of that period... rather dark (not dark as in bad... but I think you know what I mean!). And I LOVE the dresses too! It's funny that you mention this movie now; it seems that everyone is finding out about this movie lately!! My most favorite thing to do is to JUST watch the 4th movie... the most wonderful one! I absolutely love the last about 20 minutes... AWW, it is just so romantic!! How fun that your heritage comes mostly from England! So does mine! We come through a royal line, but it stops when we come through Mary Tudor (Henry VII's sister) who married Charles Brandon after the King of France... too bad; I could be ruling England now. ;) A couple of years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to go to England for almost 3 weeks with my aunt, SUCH an amazing country! The history there is just SO rich and around every bend in the road! Once we were driving down a back road (motorway as they call it) and we turned a bend and there were some ruins of a castle/abbey! Anyway, sorry to go on and on... these are just some of my MOST favorite topics! Oh, and thank you (and everyone else) for the great tips on interfacing! Sorry about telling you the wrong amount of interfacing for the nightgown pattern... I THOUGHT that it sounded like a lot!! ;) Have a wonderful Sabbath tomorrow!


Cheri said...

LOL, yes, it is quite smooey at the end. =)

How exciting that you were able to go to England! Our dad has been there numerous times, but I have yet to visit there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was a great movie!! I know you probably won't read this comment, I'm just looking through the older comments, but I felt I had to comment on it as I watched it for the first time just the other day!!
It's nice that your family's from England. I think it's a wonderful country! My father's from England and I'm an English citizen too - I've been over there lots. The country is so lovely there, and there's so much history to the place.
About the speaking English - I find anyone can speak with a rather English accent so long as they take care to enunciate everything. Unless of course you're talking about the Northern accent which I think you can only learn if you live in that area for a while :D. Since I was over in England for a while when I was two and just learning to speak, I have a bit of an English accent, though.
To Alexandrea - we might be related!! In a distant sort of way. A number of my ancestors were Royals, although I can't be sure exactly which at the moment, but also my aunt's husband is the cousin of Camilla Parker-Bolls (she's married to Prince Charles).
By the way, I think Mary Tudor was Elizabeth I's sister and Henry VIII's daughter. Henry VII was the first Tudor to be King of England, he ended the War of the Roses when he married someone from the house of York. If it's the Mary Tudor I'm thinking of (Elizabeth's sister), then she was Queen for a time, too.
Anyway, it was good that you could visit the old country and hopefully saw all those wonderful Tudor castles!!
Sorry to yabber on like this, I'll finish up now.
God bless you all!
From Rachel