Thursday, December 27, 2007

Miscellanious Rambles

I just can't keep out of the sewing room no matter how hard I try! Well, it is more along the lines of: "I'm sick of having stashes of fabric laying around. Something must be done!" =) A good majority of stashed fabric is from our sewing business that I have no clue what to do with and there are several pieces for myself, but then I don't need any more clothes...

In fact, I am resolving by God's grace to get down to 10-15 garments this coming year. As I'm sure you seamstresses could attest to, when you sew your own clothes, it's no where near as expensive as buying them. It is quite easy to get carried away, at least for me, when fabric is on sale or when 50% off coupons are easily accessible. Eventually, I'd like to get down to maybe 5-8 things per season, ie., Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter that way I can make something new each year instead of having at least twice as many clothes that seem to take forever to wear out.

Another thing that I'd like to do in the coming year is to keep track of what I sew, as in how many things I've completed. There is one friend that did quite a bit of sewing before she was married and one year she counted that she did over 100 garments in a year. That's roughly 2 a week! That's more than what I do I think. Anyway, I'd like to keep track, just for fun. Has anyone ever done that? I know several friends keep track of how many books they read in a year, so why not sewing projects? =)

Two projects that will be fun to work on in the near future will be trying another apron pattern, and Anne Shirley's Wedding dress pattern (based from a real 1916 wedding gown). I need to slow down before I get overly addicted to patterns. ::winks::

I have been updating the links on the side, and I was just curious if anybody has anything that I could consider adding? I hope some of you don't mind, but I added a couple blogs that I enjoy visiting, as well as etsy shops that I feel comfortable "promoting."

Oh yeah, and I also listed a white Regency gown on ebay, click here to see it. I warned you all that I had "Regency fever." =)


Anonymous said...

That is such a good thing to do! Have you considered maybe giving a few things away to someone that needs clothes but wants to dress in a feminine and modest way? Their might be someone in your church or a friend that you coul dreach out too.

Robert said...

The Anne Shirley pattern looks interesting.Do you know if it's based on L.M. Montgomery's wedding dress?

Rachel said...

I like your idea of keeping track of projects completed in a year. I might have to try that... I will look forward to seeing Anne's wedding dress! That would be fun to work on.

Cheri said...


Thanks for the comment! Right now our family is sort of home-churching and there aren't very many families in our area that would really want feminine, modest apparel.


I really don't know. I have never actually read any of L.M. Montgomery's books.