Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Speed sewing

Why do I get into last minute projects? =) A friend is borrowing an Edwardian blouse that I made last fall along with my silk sash that goes to my white lawn dress. Which mean I have to have something for myself to wear.

I just got done cutting out my "Titanic Swim Dress" and it will be in the same pink and purple pastel shades as on the film, although I've never seen it ... just pictures of the dress. I only have a few hours to work on it, I've been awake since just past 4am, and I have work in the morning, with the tea being held promptly at 12:00pm.

Can I do it? =D I'm going to try, but if I can't, I'll use the deep pink sash from the aforementioned project as a sash for my white lawn dress. Here's hoping that it still fits...!


Sarah Jane Meister said...

Speed sewing - EEEK! You need that really soon! I bet you can do it, though. :) It sounds beautiful! Don't wear yourself out though. Your white gown is lovely too.

Alexandrea said...

Oh, I'll pray that you get it finished in time, and that you look simply beautiful in it! Have a blessed day!


Lady Ruth Ann said...

that's called PRESSURE!!

let us know what happens. the dress will be lovely! :)

Poppy Dadswell said...

hi, i hope you dont mind, but i have you as a blog link on my blog. your work is too good to bypass.