Monday, May 12, 2008

Titanic Flying Dress

For those of you who have been searching for this pattern, there is one up on Etsy right now. It is a little more than what I'd want to spend (I'm hoping for a thrift store find - a 49 cent price, you know?) =) and since it isn't in my size anyway, I thought I'd pass it up and mention it here!

We ladies were invited to another ladies tea (different hostess too!) and I am considering making the Titanic "Swim Dress" from Jennie Chancey's pattern that I got for my birthday. The only problem is that I'm on a "fabric fast" ie, not buying any fabric for a month. I have nothing on hand that I could use so, should I or should I not break my fast? =)

::sighs:: Don't you just love these early 20th century dresses? And I just LOVE those hats! I wonder why I could find one? Any ideas?

I hear about reenactments for lots of eras, or balls and assemblies for this time period or that one, but I don't hear much about the Edwardian era. Hmm, I wonder why? I think it would be so much fun to be in one. It would be as if I just walked out of Green Gables to visit Avonlea's General Store... I may be 24, but sometimes I feel like being about 10 years younger to be a carefree youth and dress up without having to worry that people would be looking at me strangely. =)


Lady Ruth Ann said...

ummm...I'm not exactly the one to answer this question. I know what it's like to get excited about fabric, to get excited about something to sew, something new to wear. And I'm one of those who has a hard time walking in a fabric store, seeing something I like - and not getting it. *Oh that reminds me* - Oh never mind, I was just thinking of something I had seen at JoAnn's that was absolutely calling my name...but it was $9 a yard and I was hoping it would go down some. :)

SO ANYWAY - what do I say? It sounds fun and such a perfect occasion for a new pretty dress. Hmmm...just let me know what you decided to do, ok?

I've broken promises like that before - because I see such a great deal that I can't skip up, etc,..etc,.. WHAT ARE the sales for JoAnns this week anyway?

I'm sorry - I'm tossing in my mind. Or maybe you've already made up your mind what you'll do. Do you have some extra cash stored away somewhere? Oh well - do what you think would be good. :) I'm not by any means an advocate of "spend what you don't have" but I have reason to guess that since you are even considering it - that you do have money, you just had put yourself on a fabric fast. So if you came off of it for a day, and decided before you went into the store that you won't buy anything else...BUT what is necessary to make the dress - then that'll be fine.

I'm waiting to know what you decide. *grin*

Ruth Ann

Lady Ruth Ann said...

hey, you gotta love my long comments.

otherwise, you're only choice is to 'ban' them because that's just *me*. I don't try to be so long, but it just happens. *grin*

Sarah Jane Meister said...

If you have a need for the fabric and would put it to use right away, I see no problem getting new stuff. If, on the other hand, you are having this fast for moral/ethical/personal reasons and you would feel bad about breaking this fast, then don't. Do what is right for you. :)

What about finding some airy white sheer curtains from a thrift store and using the white for the layers of the dress, or dying them for different colors for different layers? My thrift stores always have such curtains for very reasonable prices, much less than new fabric would cost, anyway!

YayaOrchid said...

Thanks for that link, but for now, I think I'll wait. That's a mighty steep price for a pattern.

Maybe you should try and use some of your fabric, you know, try to destash a little? It's something we all wish we could do, LOL!

Cheri said...

Ruth Ann,

I had to smile at your comments. =) I went ahead and gave in. =D


What a *brilliant* suggestion! I would have never thought about using sheer curtains!

My only reason for not buying fabric is that I have to much of it! =) I have projects for them all, but it's just this thing called "time" that I need to manage.

Since the fabrics were on sale (and one of them on clearance add to the fact that they took my 40% off coupon!!!) I went ahead and got them. Since I am nearly done with a Regency dress that will be sold and out of the sewing room, I gave in. =)


Yes, I have plans for all my fabric stashes, but it's just getting the time and inspiration to sew them up. =)

Rachel said...

Hi there, I found your blog from Shannon's (Maiden of the King). I hope you don't mind me commenting :-) I love those Edwardian fashions, I particularly like the square-necked dresses, and the huge wide-brimmed hats! They really are lovely!

Rachel xxx

Cheri said...

Hi Rachel!

Thanks for introducing yourself! And no, I don't mind you commenting at all. =)