Thursday, June 05, 2008

An outfit for Strings

Last week I was able to sew up a white collared shirt for my summer travels. I used some white poly/cotton fabric and thrifted buttons:
My favorite part about this blouse are the pintucks down the front. They add such a nice feminine, but classic touch. Thanks Shannon for your help with this! =)

I wanted a no-iron jumper for my month-long journey away from home, and I was glad to find some stashed tropical breeze to make up into a favorite princess-style jumper.

Ties are sewn into the back princess seams and tied in a knot
These will make a good pair awhile at the Strings Workshop. Until I return, cheerio!


Laura said...

Nice job -- I also like the tucks a lot!

Have a wonderful time on your vacation!

Shannon said...

You're welcome, Cheri! ;) Your blouse looks just lovely, and I love the jumper. They both look very summery!

Enjoy your Strings Workshop!

Yours in Christ,

Lady Ruth Ann said...

beautiful blouse!! :)

I love the are so creative and not just always "sticking to the pattern" but rather doing other things that look so neat. But, may I ask, where do you find the time?? Is sewing all you do?? (just kidding!!)

On a totally different topic...(well, it might not be so far fetched) - do you have any recommendations for courses/books/etc,.. for learning the violin? I've always wanted to learn, and (shamefully) 2 years ago purchased a violin for myself, but have never pursued it that much. It's just another thing to add to my ever growing list, but still, I would like to know any suggestions. Are there any good ways to *easily* learn at home, or is it best to have a teacher??

thanks for your help!

~ Ruth Ann

Cheri said...

Thankyou ladies!

Ruth Ann,

LOL! I guess one makes time for things that they want/need to do! =)

For violin, I would recommend that you find a teacher. And if possible, go to the recitals that his/her students play in and watch them. It will give you a good idea of the teacher's capability of teaching.

A website that I like to recommend to people would be They videos they have wouldn't replace a teacher, but it does help sometimes with learning.

Shannon said...

Cheri, I know you're away just now, but I've tagged you for a book meme -- check out my blog if you'd like to participate!

Yours in Christ,

Tiffany said...

I love your jumper. It looks so nice and cool.

I know Shannon just tagged you for the book meme, but I just did too. It must come from both reading the same blogs. :-)

I hope your trip has been smooth.


Victoria said...

Cheri, I tagged you on my blog!

RMyers said...

Nice job! You are a talented seamstress!