Monday, July 21, 2008

Feminine Sewing Inspirations

I am such a sucker at seeing something I like, and then wanting to duplicate it.

When I met Laura, I just loved the jumper/dress that she was wearing. I wasn't sure exactly what it was until a few days later someone had asked about it on the S&S sewing board and linked to her sewing gallery and her blue seersucker sundress. The above was her inspiration, and I was amazed at how well she duplicated it and yet changed it for modesty sake. In fact, I am always amazed with her sewing creations, (she showed us her sketch for her wedding dress ... talk about gorgeous!!!) and so if you all enjoy sewing and lack inspiration at the moment, head over to her gallery and you'll soon be drooling. =)

So anyway, for a couple of years I have had this blue and white seersucker plaid with white flowers (same fabric as this dress; click on the picture to actually see it) that I just been stashing away for something. I think I found my something to make it in. =D Since I don't have the pattern Laura used, and can't find it anywhere, I think I just use my a-line princess seamed jumper pattern as a base and then go from there...

Well Laura, I hope you don't mind that I'm going to make another item like something you have!


Laura said...

Awww, Cheri!! Of course I don't mind at all -- I can't wait to see your version! I think the Internet (S&S forums in particular) is a blessing to us in this way; we can inspire and encourage one another in our sewing ventures... I for one do not know a single other young lady in my day-to-day life who shares my passion for sewing!

Thank you so much for your kind words about my projects!! :-)

Cheri said...

Whew! I'm glad you don't mind! =D

Yesterday I worked on making a pattern from a couple patterns and so now I need to work on the sample bodice.

I'm still not sure what to use for my skirts though, or how long to make them... How long is the skirt from waist to hem on your sundress, ie, if you don't mind my asking? =)

I normally wear my skirts close to ankle length, but I was thinking that a mid-calf length would be appealing for a summer wear.

Laura said...

Cheri, the skirt on my dress is about 29 inches long (not including seam allowance or hem allowance), but keep in mind I am 5'10". It hits me a little bit above mid-calf. I wish I could give you tips on how I did the bodice, but I honestly can't remember! :-) I do know my mom helped me figure out how to do it, so if you get stuck I can ask her.

Cheri said...

Oh wonderful! I think I was actually planning on doing my finished skirt hem around there. =) Thanks!

And I actually have most of the dress done. I ran out of bias tape to go around the belt, I need to sew the buttons on, and have the hem to put up. I'll see if I can take some pictures how how it looks so far. =)