Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A craft fair and a 1930s childs smock

Last weekend the churches school hosted a craft fair (remember me mentioning it?) and here is our table there. I shared it with Grandma and a lady from church. Can you see some of my items there on the left? I brought aprons, tote bags, and tatted bookmarks. Because of the heavy snow we had that day, "people traffic" was very slow and I only sold 2 aprons.
Today we are putting up the Christmas tree and putting out some more festive decorations, and as Grandma was going through the cedar chest in the spare room (my room at present, but oh how I love to sleep in spare rooms!) she came across an apron/smock that she would have worn around 2-3 years old.

The fabric is still clean and crisp, although there is a nickel sized tear/hole in the front. The sweet rick rack, and the small pocket for little fingers just wins my heart. Not to mention that it is a precious gift to me from Grandma.
Do you smell a new vintage design for the shop? I do too...


YayaOrchid said...

Oh, I do think you have a winner with that little smock! I can hardly wait to see how you dress it up and create it!

Zebu said...


I too love the little smock.

I have an Etsy question. It says that only handmade or vintage can be sold, but I see many things that obviously aren't handmade, "Thomas the Train", Cookbooks, etc. I will be listing in the future and don't want to get into trouble by listing the wrong things. So, could I, for instance, list homeschooling supplies that I have?

Any Etsy thoughts are appreciated (I did read their policies). Thanks :)

Zebu said...

You've been Tagged!

If you want to play, go you my blog at

Alex said...

Are you going to making any more Grace (gracie?) aprons in the near future? I wanted the one you made so bad, but didn't have any money at that moment. I would love to buy one from you in the future!


Cheri said...


It's up to you, but I think as long as whatever it will be that your selling, goes along with the "crafty" things of etsy, it would be fine. You could always check into selling on ebay too.


I will probably make more "Gracie" aprons after Christmas due to my very busy schedule, but I do have one left up in the shop if your interested!