Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Look at the 1850s

No matter how hard I try not to, I just can't escape from the facination of historical fashion. Whether it's the Regency era or the 1930's, there is always something that intrigues me. Wouldn't it be fun if everbody, just for one day even, would dress up in the clothes from the past?

Having recently watched "Bleak House," I find myself falling in love again with 1850's fashion. I just about swooned when I saw this stunning gown up for sale on ebay.


Tiffany said...

Every time I watch Bleak House, I'm determined to make more in that time period, but I'm still working on making the corset. :-/

Thank you for posting the pictures and the link. This is a delicious gown! All those little decorative elements make it absolutely breathtaking!


Kristy said...

Bleak House (newest version) is one of my most favorite movies.

Gorgeous gown!

Rachel said...

Wow--that's amazing!

MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh, I love Bleak House! BBC did such a wonderful job with the costumes! 1850's styles are so much cooler than 1860's; I'm glad I reenact at a 1850's fort!


Cheri said...


I admire your bravery in working on a corset from that time era! A while ago I looked at the Simplicity pattern details for a 1860s corset and I got scared away. ::winks::


I'm determined to remind myself to look at this gown (which is probably hand sewn) when I'm fed up with a project that is taking me forever on my sewing machine. =)

Kristy and Nona,

Oh yes. The new version (BBC) is definately enjoyable to watch. But then of course I haven't seen any other versions, so I'm not comparing it to any other. =) The gowns on there are simply scrumptuous!

Zebu said...

I am so swooning with you! What a beautiful gown!

I totally agree that it would be SO wonderful if everyone would dress in historical finery. I have wished this for a long long time.

I haven't heard of Bleak House; I'll have to try and find it.

Sarah Jane said...

Oh how envious I am of whoever wore this gorgeous dress and all you 1850's reenactors!! 1850's things ARE so much cooler than 1860s styles (which I think are fairly unflattering styles).

I've never seen Bleak House but I really want to. . . isn't it supposed to be on PBS Masterpiece Classics sometime soon?