Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A dress like Laura Ingalls

This little treasure is in the SHOP this afternoon!

Oh yes, and I have an overstock of totes, so they are all $10 a piece!


Melanie said...

Oh, how adorable! I love it!! ;-)

Cindy said...

How lovely!

Sarah Jane said...

That is so adorable! Oh, if only I had had a dress like this as a little girl! :)

~Sarah~who is still obsessed with Little House clothing and is plotting a dress like Ma Ingalls in the very near future~

Cheri said...

You ladies are so kind. Thankyou!

Sarah, I too on numerous occasions have wished/plotted for a Little House dress. There is nothing like wearing a skirted dress of yards and yards of fabric.

I'm off to dream... =)