Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Gardener

As I have alluded to previously, this seamstress doesn't stay indoors all the time plugging away in her sewing room. =) I love to garden. Mom does too, but with seven of us children (half of which are in their teens and twenties) still at home, she doesn't have time to garden, so I get to take on the blessing of doing about 75% of the yard work and tending the gardens.

Yesterday in my vegetable garden I planted peas, a couple rows of two varieties of peppers (anyone have any special tips on growing them? I haven't had any good success, but I keep trying!), green onions, a couple rows of two kinds of lettuces, and then this weekend when the last frost date is past, I'll be planting tomatoes.

Since all you see in my garden is dirt mounds, I thought I'd take a couple pictures near our cottage abode. This picture is actually of our neighbors lilac bushes in full bloom. Their scent is heavenly.

Among many other things we are growing, we have this interesting little "wooded area" and it has been growing moss, tree shoots, and other little green things. It makes me wish I was little so I could spend some time imagining little stories back in there.


YayaOrchid said...

Gardening is a nice change of pace. But I see you're still creating in your sewing room. That's a very nice new Gracie apron.

Cheri said...


Oh yes, I'm almost in my sewing room daily. Thankyou for your kind compliments. =)

Rachel said...

Nice...I actually dared to put in my tomatoes (Anna started them indoors several weeks ago) yesterday. It's still cool enough that I feel a little bad for the poor things, but the weather forecast looks good and if frost threatens I'll just cover them. :) As for peppers...I'm not sure what exactly they like. I have some in this year too.