Friday, May 29, 2009

I nearly forgot!

Oh horrors! was my reply when I realized that the drawing for my apron giveaway didn't take place this afternoon! I seriously have been on the go, non stop, these days. My apologies if you've been checking dozens of times to find out who was the winner.

Thanks to the random number generator, it picks a random number without me having to "draw out of a hat" or be tempted to choose a winner (in that was the case, everyone would win!).

So without further ado: Ada Grace is the winner! If you want to e-mail me with your address Ada, I'll get is shipped out to you.


Ruth Ann said...

Congratulations Ada Grace! I'm sure you will absolutely love that apron. It is really charming. :) I'm glad you won!

Zebu said...

Congratulations on winning the apron--May you cook many happy meals. :0)


Thank you for your generosity in hosting this give-away. :0)

Zebu said...


I have given you a pass-along blog award. Come by my blog to pick it up!