Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Gift of Roses

This is our second year of enjoying free roses. About five years ago, a complete stranger came up to me and asked if I would like a rose bush. "I found 14 of them in the garbage" said she, and because of my love for flowers, and gardening, I thought, "Sure! Why not?"

I planted what there was of the roots, but all you could see were dead thorny stems above the soil. Not a very pretty sight. That first year I watered it with some special plant food for roses, the second year I totally forgot about it, and the third year I discovered that the plant had some very minimal greenish tints. Last year it grew (with no care) and we enjoyed one or two blooms from it. This year we will be in store for dozens of mediums-sized blooms. They aren't miniature, but neither are they regular sized.

I think they're perfect.

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Laura said...

Lovely -- and you can't beat free!