Monday, August 24, 2009

Ginnies in Bright Color

Over the weekend I added two new aprons. Perhaps you saw them already?
I just loved the fabrics of both!
And this week if I can find the time with working everyday, I have a bright, colorful, and really "far out" or outlandish print that I'll be making into a Gracie. That will take place after I finish an apron for myself, as the two that I have are getting to the point of falling apart. I'm trying out a new pattern, so that's been fun.


Emily said...

The fabrics are just lovely! So bright and summery! :)

Laura said...

Oooh, I love the fabric of the first one especially! It has such a 30s look to it!

Sarah Jane said...

They are both so lovely! I like the second one. The fabric is luscious. I felt a bit better reading you only wear a few aprons for yourself. I've imagined you with closets full of lovely aprons and have looked with sadness upon the (somewhat ratty looking) two I have and use. I need to make some new ones too.

Cheri said...

Aww, Sarah! =) Yes, my vintage Gracie (the yellow plaid one) is literally falling apart at the seams and my rose edwardian apron is so full of stains that I don't dare go out of the house with it on. ::winks:: Unfortunately the latter has been washed many times, and the strains won't come out. Thankfully with some new bais tape, I think I could manage to "redress" my Gracie.