Friday, August 28, 2009

a Tasha-Tudor-day

In the last year or so I've heard some "talk" (okay, never mind. I've read online...) of a woman named Tasha Tudor who loved tea, homemade goodies, gardening, books, handcraft, knitting and a great deal of other things. Not to mention, when seeing pictures of her, she was wearing printed cotton dresses and seemed to have an old-fashioned essence about her.

Being a blog reader of Marmee's, I found that today's post was of "a Tasha-Tudor day" and linked to another site and apparently today would have been her birthday and several of those who she inspired, sort of honor her today. Personally since I don't know much about her, her life, and if she was a Christian woman and don't feel like I can really honor or endorse her.

Some Black-Eyed Susan's in one of my beds
But I do find her favorite pastimes to be quite parallel to mine, and it isn't everyday that you come across someone like that. Perhaps out of inspiration, I'll kick off my shoes and put on a cotton skirt, (a soiled black and white work jumper just won't do!) don an apron, make up a delicacy in the kitchen, turn a few more pages in my current reading of Dickens, make some tea, and weed the gardens.

To quote from another blog reader's recent post, "I am hopelessly lost in the wrong era."


King's child said...

[sigh] I wish I could've met Tasha Tudor.... I read every book I can get about her. She lived my dream.... 250 acres of pure flower garden with her Corgi dogs for company.

Maybe someday I'll try it. ;D


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Tasha Tudor has illustrated some of the most lovely children's books too! Learn more about her if you can-she's a fascinating person.

Elinor Dashwood said...

I am also hopelessly lost in another era. :-)

Sarah Jane said...

Oooh. . I like that phrase. It describes me too. Only I flit about from era to era. :) One day I might feel 1820's and the next 1950's. . .I don't know much about Tasha Tudor but I'd love to learn more. She sounds like she was a wonderful lady. (and definitely had a most amazing antique clothing collection).

Ruth said...

Since she lived in our state, a local museum featured her work a couple years ago. It was so neat to go and see some of her originals. She certainly lived an interesting lifestyle. I didn't realize that she had died. I love her paintings.