Monday, September 07, 2009

Many thanks!

All of your comments and recipes just blew me away last week! They all look fabulous, and can hardly wait to start trying them. We're having fresh pesto over rosemary garlic pasta (thanks to a lady who sells gourmet dried pasta at the local farmers market) tonight, and I thought that having a loaf of Cindy's Zucchini Parmesan Bread would be a wonderful addition to the meal along with local corn on the cob.

Lest you think this is turning into a recipe/homemaking blog, don't worry. It isn't. =) Although from time to time, I hope you don't mind posts like these!

In the mean time, take a look at this great pattern sale going on over at Marie-Madeline Studio!


Emily said...

Glad to hear that the recipes worked ok! :) Hope they all turn out good. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend!

Rachel said...

Did you try the zucchini parmesan bread? I made some for dinner last night (with a few alterations, since I can rarely leave a recipe alone). :) It was yummy.

Cheri said...

Yes, I did Rachel. It turned out delicious! I'm also one of those "who don't often leave a recipe alone" , and thought about adding some herbs or something but with my body and mind running nonstop in the last several days, I forgot. Oops. Next time I might add more parmesan (maybe a couple more kinds of cheeses?) and onion. I like some "kick" in those kinds of breads.

Rachel said...

That's funny...I added a little more of both the parmesan and onion. I also used about half whole-wheat flour and left out the sugar (didn't think a recipe like that needed it.) :)