Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Page of History

When I saw this beauty of a book, I couldn't resist. You all might as well know by now that I have a very great weakness towards old books. Not just random useless books that wouldn't be beneficial in some way, but ones that are classics, ones that are Spiritually encouraging and uplifting, ones that promote femininity and daughterhood/motherhood.
This one is full of good chapters, for example: The Home, The Mother, What is Etiquette?, Dining, Courtship and Marriage, Dress, Letter Writing, Music, Aids to Composition (several languages with basic sayings and phrases), Speeches for Special Occasions, How to Retain Beauty, and several others!

And it is chock full of sweet little poems and illustrations. Dated 1888, I normally wouldn't spend as much as I did on a book (although I suppose considering normal book prices in stores, this would be equal) but considering the just-said, and that I have spent more on patterns, I justified myself. =)
Thanks for letting me share!


Rachel said... this the book you thought you'd come back to for the rest of your life? I love the illustrations.

Cheri said...

LOL! The thought made me laugh, but please don't take it personally. No it isn't the one that I need to be reading for years to come.

You'd be more than welcome to borrow it for awhile (or any other book I might have!) if you'd like.

Sarah Jane said...

How beautiful! What a gorgeous find! I wish they made books like that nowadays.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely book!If only books like that were still published.

Shannon said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! And it looks like what's inside is even better. :-) Congratulations on your wonderful find!


Alana said...

Now that I'm "of a certain age" I'm very curious about what the advice was on "how to retain beauty" in 1888. Probably had to do with fresh food, air and a daily "constitutional" and the quality of one's character.

Any hints?

Emily said...

The book looks heavenly! I am very much the same way - I can't help it that I LOVE old books! I especially love old homemaking books! You found quite the treasure!!!! :)