Monday, October 05, 2009

Bias Tape Makers

Has anyone seen these before? I never knew they existed up until a week or so ago. I was shopping at JoAnn's and ran into Mrs. C, the sewing enthusiast from our church, and she was telling me about these. Imagine my delight when she gave me this yesterday!
With a whole assortment of sewing projects on the table, I can hardly wait to start using these. Hand sewing that Regency Robe is taking a bit of time too. ::sigh:: I'm not doing the whole thing by hand; just obvious or outer seams and then on the inside I'm doing french seams for a neat finish. I could skip that extra sewing, but a serger just doesn't look right on a Regency garment!


Shannon said...

Yes, I love my bias tape makers! I couldn't do aprons without one -- purchased tape is so expensive, and making bias tape without a tape maker is just so time-consuming. Congratulations on your find!

I hope that hand-sewing goes well for you!


Emily said...

I had no idea! How wonderful! I will have to go and look at JoAnn's next time I am there~ Have a lovely day!

Laura said...

I just found out about these this past summer, and have been wanting to try one out! I haven't had the chance yet, though. My home-made bias tape tends to look a little wonky so a tool like this would be dandy!

Shannon said...

With the amount of bias tape you use, I just assumed it was your favorite notions item. I'm sure you'll love using these!

Theo-Ann said...

nice! I've never seen one like that. I'm writing this one down on my shopping list.:) Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Jane said...

I saw them on a PBS sewing program a while ago but have never seen them in stores. I NEED one! I use bias tape so much and hate buying pre-made, and making my own takes forever and the results aren't really uniform.

Can't wait to see your regency robe!

Carol said...


This is the type I have used for years. I really like mine, BUT, I was challenged on using it, this past Sewing Expo. The lady teaching a class on bias tape, the dos and don't, discouraged us from using that type of metal one. She said if you look at the tip, where the pressed tape comes out, the metal end is more rounded than square. The clover bias tape makers have a squared end, allowing the tape to be better pressed, without going all wonky, which can happen with these gadgets. Having said that, I have used mine for years and when I am doing large amounts of bias tape, I really like this tool. :)

Do you know about the bias ruler? That speeds up the process even more. :)


Cheri said...

Thanks Carol! I'll have to check for clover bias tape makers, but I have to say that I'm having alot of fun already with the ones that were given to me. =)

A bias ruler? Ooo, what are those? =)

Carol said...


The binding buddy ruler helps to get on the 45, easily. Scroll down the page until you get to binding buddy ruler. I see there are now two options. When I purchased mine, nearly two years ago, there was only one size. I can't tell you how much more quickly I get my bias strips cut out. I have a new tool, from last year's Sewing Expo, but I haven't put it into use yet. Once I do, I will let you know all about it. :)