Thursday, October 08, 2009

Shannon's Scalloped Apron

It is often quoted that,
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

When I saw this fabric a week or so ago at my local thrift store, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it: one of Shannon's Scalloped Aprons that I have admired for quite awhile. I obviously didn't have the pattern for it, as it is a design of her's. So with some ugly gray polyester fabric that I got for free (don't ask, it's a l.o.n.g story...) I started drawing and cutting. Being fairly pleased with how it looked like, I cut into my fashion fabric.

Even down the bias shoulder straps and ties, scalloped hem (which didn't turn out as "scoopy" as I had wished) and pockets...

I really am a terrible copy-cat-er. I get ideas from movies, or pictures; I get ideas from my online sewing friends; and then attempt to make them. Mind you, they don't always turn out, but every now and then, I'm up to the challenge.

And to make sure that your mind is put at ease, Shannon, I won't be selling this apron (or any others like it!) as I know it is your original design. =) And to my blog readers, if you like this design so much, I suggest you either buy an apron from Shannon's lovely etsy shop, or come up with one yourself. =)



Shannon said...

Cheri, I love it! :-D Even the name of the fabric is perfect -- I think you did a very good job copy-catting, personally! :-) Very, very pretty, as always!

Love in Christ,

Emily said...

It's lovely! I like the fabric as well. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery!" :)

LeAnne said...

This is really cute! You're so talented. ;)

Sarah Jane said...

Darling! I too have always admired Shannons scalloped apron and have thought (guiltily!) of copying the style for one for myself. I am a terrible copy-catter too. But I prefer to think I am just terribly inspired! It sounds better. :)

You did a lovely job and the fabric is perfect for the apron, even down to the name. :)

Now I really must make one for myself. . .