Monday, January 18, 2010

My Cup of Tea

Tonight Grandma and I were discussing recipes (with family secrets) and fun kitchen gadgets that led onto tea strainers and then tea rooms. Upon mentioning of wanting to visit a place that I visited over a year ago that carried a large collection of loose teas, she mentioned of a place locally that offers the same. Imagine my excitement, as in the midst of the holiday season combined with driving half way across the country I completely forgot to bring my stash of teas with me!

This evening I am working with a gorgeous floral cotton that is filled with a floral gardner's dream of wild roses, peonies, blue corn flowers, and other wild delights. Oh, and once completed, it will be in a Margaret apron. Look for it in the shop sometime tomorrow morning.


Samantha said...

*Anxiously awaiting the addition of the new Margaret apron* :D

The photo is lovely Cheri!

Did I ever mention that since I stumbled upon your blog, it has inspired me to start sewing more and has become a favorite? :-)

Cheri said...

Aww, I'm so glad that you've enjoyed my blog, and that it's an inspiration to you! Honestly, alot of what I sew is inspirations from others. =) The new Margaret was sold shortly after listing it on etsy, but I have two fabrics that I'd like to make up into a Margaret and Gracie sometime this week; just as a heads up.

Kristin said...

Beautiful picture! I love wild roses. Where is it taken?