Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring, Fabric, Chemisette, & Pretties

On my morning walk, I spotted my first robin this season. Spring must have arrived! It shows in other areas too; crocus' are blooming along the front path, hyacinths aren't to far behind, and the tulips are slowly inching their way up too.

While I was away, without any consent or mentioning the idea, our sewing room was painted. Perhaps you've noticed in some of my pictures? (My poor sister picked out a lovely name on a card; "Morning Sunlight," and indeed on the card it was lovely, but some in our household dubbed the room "the baby nursery" while others say the color reminds them of lemonade.) Either way I'm learning that it is rather cheery, although I may have to find another spot in the cottage to take pictures of my sewing things -bright yellow just doesn't go with some things!

But around us there are other touches too that remind us that spring is on the way. Going through drawers or closet shelves are areas that I like to tackle. While mine hold "hope chest items," it's fun to freshen them up a bit. Somehow I'd like to create a little library in a certain area of our abode. The room would suit perfectly, but I just need to convince other people that it is a great idea too. Speaking of books, this afternoon I pulled out my Patterns of Fashion book and my eyes fell once again on this lovely chemisette.
Somehow I'd like to combine it with these lovely items, and come up with something pretty. I've had the vintage laces and buttons for awhile, but the fabric was recently taken up when it was $1.50 a yard.

Perhaps a Regency gown, another Romantic or a late Romantic dress, or just something that is simply historically inspired? What does it seem like it would look best in?


Samantha said...

How pretty! I love the colors and the lace! My sister and I think it would look splendid as a Regency Gown. :D

Cheri said...

Funny you say that Samantha, because I decided to make it up into a Regency gown. =) I have the top nearly done, and would like to finish it before the weekend is over. Thanks for your comment!

Rachel said...

That's going to be beautiful. :)