Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Winner of the Marci Apron!

Using the free and handy random number website, I am here to announce that the winner is:

R u t h A n n!

Many congrats to you, and if you could please send me your address, I'll ship it off to you today when I make a run to the PO.

And to the rest of the poor unfortunate souls out there, I generally have giveaways a couple times a year, so add the blog to your favorites, or check back every now and then. But until then, may I direct your attention to a whole hoard of stuff in my online shop? These things are starting to collect dust due to the lack of use, and before I announce it to a whole sewing forum of ladies, I wanted to share the goodies with my blog readers first!

So check it out to your heart's content!


Jenna said...

Congratulations Ruth Ann!

•Karis Brown• said...

Ruth Anna is such a pretty name! Congrats!

Ruth Ann said...

thank you girls for the kind compliments! they made my day. =)

I just got on here and was SO SURPRISED!!!!

Thank you Cheri!