Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Dress like Jane Bennett

Perhaps not an identical match, but I do say that if you add a light blue sash to the waistline, you just might be mistaken for Jane Bennett!
Finished late last night and put up on ebay this morning, you can see more pictures and details here!


Lauren said...

Really lovely! The sleeves are just beautiful!


Michele said...

I was enjoying all of the delightful things to look at on your blog. As I continued to enjoy previous posts I cam across your wonderful fine "The Home Instructor A Guide to Life". The book interested me and I thought that I would search and see if I could find a copy of one. I posted the link to what I found below. You will have to click on the link. Continue to grow in the Lord. Your blog is a delight and a reflection of Him.
Mrs. Hope

Nathan said...

My wife and I watched this version of Pride and Prejudice just the other night. We were amazed at how well the story could be told in two hours. We love the A&E one too and sometimes we have a marathon with the six hour version. And oh yes Jane's dress is lovely and your rendition is charming. Perhaps I should do some screen caps of Mr. Bingley's outfit from that dance.