Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tip of the Day

You may all laugh with me as I make a post this evening. Especially in reference to my previous post. But I rediscovered how much time one has when a body gets hit with three different aliments in one day. One blessing? Lots of resting, tea, and reading.

Tonight as I was washing my black dressy shirt from being worn when I played in a wedding last weekend, (it has taken me this long to hand wash it ... yes, I've been THAT busy) I remembered a tip that came from one of my sisters sewing friends (thankyou Elizabeth S.!). Have you ever washed items, especially polyesters, to only find that the underarms still have a "left over" smell? The friend gave us the tip of spraying vinegar directly onto the area(s) and then washing as normal.

Tonight I happily found that it works!


Laura said...

Dear Cheri,
Don't feel bad about being busy...we all know that feeling at one time or another. Thanks for the laundry tip...I love these...with 4 hard-working "men" in my household, laundry is definitely an issue!
Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Great tip! With our hard water, I have found that washing soda and borax are great savers too!

Nathan said...

I can see this for polyesters, but with say cottons wouldn't the vinegar tend to bleach a little? Maybe "bleach" is too strong a word perhaps lighten would be a better term. I have heard of putting a cup of vinegar in the whole load and for non-synthetics I would be more comfortable with that.
I am a great fan of baking soda and I bet it would help fully deodorize problem stuff.
Just a tip don't use vinegar and soda in the same application they react chemically and neutralize each other.