Saturday, August 28, 2010

of Cosmos, Books, and Tasha Tudor

The seeds that barely made it turned into shoulder height plants of beautiful Cosmos. Just now they are flowering profusely. Do they make good cut flowers? I'm tempted to try it and put them in a vases for the bedrooms.

This morning I became inspired to look through my stash for something inspiring to make, and towards the top was this lovely Waverly fabric that I made in a Tasha Tudor style apron. It of course has pockets that hold my little antiquarian books. It, the highly-sought-after book is not for sale. Sorry if I had your hopes up!

The apron is, however!

Must run and check on the batch of Tasha Tudor's cornbread muffins (from her recipe book) that I have in the oven. I added some bacon fat to the batter. Here's hoping they'll still taste good!


Gillian said...

Cosmos are great as cut flowers! That one is beautiful :-)

Miss Heidi said...

What a lovely cosmos picture. My cosmos always reseed themselves. They're such a cheery flower!

I love Tasha Tudor. I discovered her in the 80's from an article in Victoria magazine. She was, and still is, quite an inspiration!