Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in Business

A warm holiday greeting to all of you who still have this blog in your subscriptions and blog feeds! =) This post comes to a surprise to me, just as much as it comes to you, but I wanted to peep out and mention that I'll be doing a little bit more sewing than planned over the course of the next four weeks as my part time job is no more, unfortunately. That is not a good thing for a poor violinist trying to pay her way to college.

Not only is God my provider, He is my guide, too. After mulling it over in my mind and in prayer, I decided to pull out my fabrics, apron patterns, dust off my machines, and get busy sewing (and maybe a little blogging, too!). I'll be sewing up until Christmas, and will more than gladly take requests or sew up aprons from any fabrics in your stash for a discounted price.



King's child said...

Yay! :D I'm glad to "hear" from you again!


Marci said...

Each time things don't go as I had planned, I am reminded what a great opportunity to see the LORD, once again, provide! I'll be praying for a great season for you! I'm so thankful for your desire to serve the Lord in whatever way He sends! Marci

Shannon said...

I'm sorry about your financial troubles, but happy that I may be able to peek in at your sewing projects once again. They're always a fun bit of inspiration, and I could use some of that right now.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you but sorry that you no longer have your job =/
I look forward to seeing more from you though!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

So glad to hear from you again! I missed your blog posts. Does that mean you would take orders for a dress, or just aprons?

Anonymous said...

Impressed by your skills,
Took me an hour to find a place to comment
[likely my lack of p.c. skills]
I have several embroidered quilts.
Fons & Porter have a lovely
'Rose Trellis' emb. quilt pattern that is very lovely
I will do it one day.
I wonder if you know about Electric Quilt software. you design the quilt there with the blocks or drawn by you add color or fabrics from the EQ libraries
It will give you an idea of where the finished quilt will be.
I make no money from EQ I just finished a quilt my 8 yo grand-daughter made years ago. she gets it for her hs graduation present this May.