Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cracker Barrel Biscuits

It is very rare that we ever go out to eat at Cracker Barrel, but the atmosphere and food is usually quite delightful. A few of my favorite things they serve are their cornbread muffins and biscuits. Quite awhile ago I got a craving for them, and with a bit of google searching, I found a mock recipe for their biscuits. ::happiness::

I love this recipe since it is super easy to make, takes very little time to have piping hot biscuits out of the oven and ready to serve, and the ingredients are ones that aren't hard to track down. Who knows, maybe you have them hiding out in your kitchen cupboards!

Mock Cracker Barrel Biscuits

2 1/4 c. bisquick
2/3 c. buttermilk
1 tsp. sugar
1 Tbsp. melted butter
extra melted butter

Mix first three ingredients, and then add butter to make a soft manageable dough. Turn over to a floured counter top and knead a few times while flattening dough to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. Cut with biscuit cutter and place in 8 x 8 cake pans. Brush tops with extra melted butter.

Bake @ 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until golden. Makes 12.

(If you have a large family like we do, you'll want to make a couple batches of these! They also freeze well.)

Ways to eat them:
-Drizzle honey on top (my favorite!)
-Split open and fill with fresh butter
-Make a sausage gravy to pour over, and you have "biscuits 'n gravy"
-Serve with a favorite soup


Jen said...

Mmmmm...that was timely! I went to Cracker Barrel the other night and the biscuits reminded me of how I crave them. Now I have a handy-dandy recipe for them!

Thank you for sharing this!

Cheri said...

You're most welcome, Jen. I hope you and your husband enjoy them as much as we do! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri
I've been making bisquick biscuits for years, but I have to tell you, your recipe is the best! I'llnever go back to making just "plain" bisquick biscuits.
Thanks so much!

Cheri said...

I'm so glad you enjoy them, Irene, and you're most welcome!