Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday's Treasures

A garden-park bench. Something that I've dreamed to have and prayed to find for many, many years. Today that dream came true.

Much to my great gratification or satisfaction, which ever you prefer, I kept asking members of my family to guess how much it was. One particular person threw out the amount of $100. Oy! I can't remember I last saw that amount of money! :) If I were to ask all of you ladies to guess, we might be here all day, so I'll tell you:

This morning I was out doing errands and when I was finished and heading home, a road was closed and I had to take m.a.n.y. odd twists and turns just to get back onto the main road. One of the turns was into a neighborhood where shortly after making a right, I saw this park bench sitting close to the sidewalk with a man standing in front, taping a remnant cardboard piece to it with the letters F-R-E-E.

My heart lept, and my car seemed to automatically gear toward the curb. I hopped out and inquired after the older gentleman, "Is this really free?" Indeed it was, much to my great ecstasy. Yes, there are a couple screws missing, and it probably needs a good coat of paint, but overall it is just lovely.

And it seems to have adapted itself quite nicely among the daisies, pansies, forget-me-nots, evening primroses, and delphiniums. No more indoor reading for me! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of little gifts, that are often huge gifts in our eyes, that our dear Father loves to give us. So delighted for you!

Laura said...

Oh, what a lovely blessing! I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheri, how lovely! Do please post a picture of it after you've worked your new bench over.
I'am sure we would all love to see it, especially nestled in your garden!
Love Irene
ps. Lucky you!! :)