Friday, August 12, 2011

Going in Circles!

My mind is going in a million different circular directions with officially packing for the trip southward this weekend. Its seems like all of the little things are popping up that I completely forgot, and now have a few hours to do it all before I turn out the light.
In other circular fashion, I added one more skirt to the shop tonight as it will probably be several weeks before I can add any more gently used skirts or reproductions.

( and yes, if you didn't pick up on that hint, I've decided to make room in my car for my sewing machine and serger.)


Marci said...

Praise the Lord! Am glad to hear all is well to--but had hoped to see you once more on Sunday! Will be praying.

Cheri said...

I'll be writing you soon, Mrs. C! God is working in amazing ways as Leah maybe already told you. :)

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

What an adorable skirt! I love it.