Wednesday, August 03, 2011

One week SALE!

I had great hopes in sewing up some more things for my shops before I started my trek down south for another semester of college, but I can see now that it just won't happen. Much cleaning, sorting, packing, buying for school still needs to take place (sure wish they had a health food stores and thrift stores like what we have here!), reading to do, separate my thriving aloe vera plants into pots of their own, work at the store, attending a friends wedding this weekend (and buy a wedding gift for the couple!), be calm for playing in a violin trio at church, and ... oh wait. You probably aren't wishing what is on my to-do-list, but rather are wondering what all this has to do with the blog title. Am I right? :)

It has remained undecided to this day as to whether I'll be taking any sewing stuff along with me this semester, and in the event that everything gets left behind to collect dust for 4 months, I decided to offer free shipping for the next 7 days. It applies for all of my shops:

Peasant Cottage
Tally Skirts
Threads of Colors
The checkout code: SHIPFREE

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