Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Time for Photos

Earlier this week, there was a beautiful morning fog that filled the air, and I asked my sister if I could take pictures of her. Out we went and raced the fog that seemed to have a mind of its own of where it wanted to be, and we finally found an area where it stayed long enough for several shots.

Our dad kindly let us use an old camera of his for a prop. It's in pristine condition, and still takes excellent photos.
The winter candies and old books were my ideas as props. ;)
Just yesterday our family picture was taken in front of an old grocery store. We were driving around the nearby town and spotted it for the first time, and all hopped out for a few (literally four shots!) to be taken. This picture and the two above were taken by my sister. Visit her fantastic blog, and if you ever need portraits done, you'll know who contact! :)
The following two photos come with a little story. Before I left for school in August, my eye caught a beautiful blue wool coat in a little hole-in-the-wall consignment shop on the outskirts of town. It was marked $35. Saving all my pennies (literally!) for college, I decided to wait on it. Even if coats such as this one ran over $200 in high-fashion department stores. My green coat of 14 years could serve me another winter.
Upon returning home 10 days ago, I visited that little store and to my great delight, the coat was still there. Perhaps God saved it for me? "He does that, you know," I told myself. Coming home from college with less money than when I started out, I gave a sigh as I returned it to the rack. A day or so later, Mom asked if I could do some sewing for her, and she would pay me X-amount of dollars for it. What she asked for was a Christmas plaid homespun fabric to be made into a jumper. Instead of being paid for it, I asked if she would consider putting that money towards the blue wool coat, and I could somehow (???) make up the difference. She agreed, and I made that jumper up in record time. :)
We went to the shop that afternoon, and to my great ecstasy, the coat was on sale for the amount she was going to originally pay me. The tax came to $1.37 over, but she said not to worry about it. Did God save it for me? I believe with all my heart that He did, and I believe it was on sale for Him to show me that He will provide for our needs. That yes, He cares about the "little" details we concern ourselves with.
So here is a picture of Mother-dear in her Christmas plaid (she is wearing it in our family picture), and I in my blue wool coat.

["When it comes to serving God, we must never focus our attention on the size of the task, for it will squash our vision and enthusiasm. We should always place our eyes on the size of our Lord. What He says will happen always takes place in His perfect timing." -Brother Yun]


Marci said...

Praise the Lord! Great photos and great testimony of our great God's goodness!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Pictures! :)

Crystal Arcand said...

Oh, Cheri, you are positively radiant in your new coat!

Anonymous said...

Yes, God does that you know.... :)

Beautiful photos of Leah and the family! Your dad's camera is nice!

Cheri said...

You all are so very kind! Thankyou. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri
I am a long time reader of your blog. I alway enjoy your sewing posts. Anyway, what a lovely picture of your family, I never knew you came from such a large family. So nice! Love your coat (one of my favorite colors)I too also have one in the same shade.
Love the jumper, great job as always!
Merry Christmas Cheri to you and your family!

Naomi T. said...

I love your coat. :) I love stories like that!!

Great family picture. You girls are so beautiful.

Hannah said...

I was wondering two things. First, what happened to your music blog? Second, how did it happen that you and your sisters look so incredibly different?

Cheri said...

Irene, thanks for popping in! Glad you enjoyied the post and pictures. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

Naomi! What a delightful surprise to see your comment here on the blog. I must confess that I quite forgot that you had one, too. ;P

Hannah, my music blog is "no more" as I can only manage to keep up with one and this one had many more readers than the other. Hope you'll find this one to be a blessing. As far as my sisters and I not looking alike, I'm not sure what to tell you but that two would favor our mother and two would favor our dad. :)

Hannah said...

I guess so. I've just never seen a family with such a variety of looks in the sisters. :)