Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dress It Up - Wear a Cardigan!

Confession time.

I think I have almost the same amount of sweaters as I do summer and winter tops combined.

Ahhh. That felt good to get off my shoulders (confessions are good for the soul...)

But really, I wear sweaters three out of four seasons. I have some thick, chunky ones for the really cold days of winter, a couple standard weave for fall, and then a few 'paper-thin' ones for spring. Depending on the style of the cardigan and what I'm wearing with it, I wear them zipped up, buttoned up, open, or in the case of one odd one, there is a "built in" eternity scarf - or whatever it's called - that I twist and drape around the back of my neck. (I liked the color more than the style...)

As before, Pinterest continues to inspire me.

Cardigan's can be belted, too!

If you're needing some pizazz to your outfit, add a couple of flowers or a vintage pin.

Don't be afraid of vintage styled sweaters, either. "Back when I was growing up, boy, they sure did dress classy" as my dear Grandma would say. I think they had the cute details that today's lack.

How excited I was to find a vintage-inspired cardigan from Anthropologie a few weeks ago. AND on clearance (reduced at least twice, I think), AND something that I could actually let myself buy without feeling guilty about spending the money on it. ;)

The cardigan was described as "pintucks, ruffles and a sweetheart neckline transport you to an era of suppertime traditions and Model T's." Who wouldn't be charmed by it and its details?

::ahem:: Please excuse my messy hair, my unmade bed, and thrown-on-the-bed pajamas, too. I literally rolled out of bed and "threw my clothes on" before doing anything else. ::ahem:: So without further ado, I'm wearing a white lace camisole (Maurices), a thrifted white knee-length skirt (New York & Company), and the "Orchard House Cardigan" from Anthropologie.

PS. Do you like knowing the brand of clothes I post? I personally can't stand it when people post pictures of their outfits and say "thrifted" for certain articles of clothing when I want to know what store or brand it came from so I can be on the look out for 'this or that' when I'm thrifting myself. ;) But maybe that's just covetousness? :P


Laura said...

That's a sweet cardigan! Nice find! I don't mind when people just say "thrifted" because I know I'll likely never find something exactly the same... Even when an item has been purchased new in a store, the brand name doesn't matter much to me unless it was bought very recently, because seasonal offerings come and go so quickly. But I understand your reasoning, too. :-)

Lindsey said...

That's a great sweater that you're wearing! So adorable. I love cardigans, they make it possible to wear sleeveless tops that would otherwise be too revealing. I love knowing the brand of clothing when people post pictures online. Sometimes if it's something that I really love I'll do an ebay saved search for it and you'd be surprised at how often I'm able to find the item.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

I think brands are interesting, and I like knowing an item was thrifted as well. We wear a lot of clothing from the thrift stores, but also do buy certain nice pieces if we can get a good sale at a store, or if a very specific item is needed for modesty reasons we might pay much more than typically we would pay. Sometimes it's hard to find what you need that is modest at the thrift store (at least, for us it is. . . . )

Cheri said...

Thankyou all for your thoughtful words!

Hope Anne, you sound like me when shopping. - thrift as much as possible, get it on sale, buy full price if you REALLY need it. :) Did you get my e-mail via ebay?