Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Earl Grey kind of Day

Today I'm taking a break from the Dress It Up series to focus on other priorities around me. Trying to get errands done before the storm hits (we've heard conflicting reports from thunderstorms and tornadoes with lots of rain to three feet of snow ... we decided to ignore all weather reports and just wait until whatever it is, comes) and then get back to work on my current sewing project.

[Bringing in a bit of springtime beauty just in case we do get that snow!]
I started sewing the silk underskirt the other day, and I forgot how regal it feels to sew with silk(::winks::) not to mention a historical inspired dress. Ahh, it's been to long! I tried it on over a skirt, tank, and sweater and it fit like a charm. I've decided to take the plunge and make an edwardian corset, which I probably should have made before sewing, but I can easily take in the back skirt seam if the skirt ends up being to big after being worn over period undergarments.

[Photo copyrighted to my talented sister]
Dark storm clouds hovering the western horizion and shutting oneself in one's sewing room calls for some Earl Grey tea. This morning I drove ... well, you don't want to know how far (!) to pick up this loose tea. I even paid a full price of $6.99 for it, but it seemed reasonable since I can't get it for less on ebay or amazon. The Twinings is my favorite kind of Earl Grey, and tastes best with some french vanilla creamer poured in the biggest mug you can find and fill.

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