Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Provision and Progress

What a sad thing it is to be separated.

On Monday Dad and I took my serger and sewing machine into the repair shop. My sewing machine is "fine" although the lever to lift up the presser foot has been tight with the occasional sprinkling of silver powder (metal?) coming down from that area. It still worked so I never said anything about it, but Dad said to say something next time.

He likened that to driving around with an engine light on in my car and me saying, "Oh but it still runs so I'll just keep driving" but ignoring the problem. That analogy could be said of our spiritual lives, too, I think. God sometimes pricks our hearts of areas that need attention and we just try to ignore those promptings when not only have have a problem that will only worsen with time, but we're also building up a wall, brick by brick, around our heart...

Well. So here is Cheri without a sewing machine and serger. While I don't always sew (surprise, surprise to some of you!), I do get into "sewing swings" of not sewing for weeks/months, but then oppositely, sometimes I DO sew for several days/weeks in a row. What does a seamstress do without her machines for 7-10 days? "What if I get really inspired to sew something NOW and can't?" I wondered. ;)

I could start sewing by hand... I could start mending my yellow purse (used for the spring and summer months). I could fix another duck of Sadie's. I could pick up a crocheting project that I started years ago. I could work on some more tatting. But one of my sisters came to my rescue and said that I could use her sewing machine and serger for as long as I needed to. Her machines are several "notches" above mine in what they do, so I'm quite delighted to use them. :D

Yesterday I finished the silk underskirt for my 1914 dress. I love how the shape and fit turned out.

The invisible zipper even went in without any ripples or curves. Zippers and I don't always like each other.

Last night I finally cut out the rest of the dress. Have I ever mentioned that THE thing I dislike about sewing would be having to cut out? It's ridiculous, I know. One can't sew unless something is cut out to sew! The other thing that I dislike in sewing is whenever I put in "hidden" side pockets. Pockets on the outside I love doing, and especially when doing all sorts of designs or using fun trim, but the other ones: no thankyou! :)

Anyone out there have anything that you don't like doing in a sewing project?


Anonymous said...

Yes of course, life isn't always simple right?
Me and zippers have a love-hate relationship, sometimes they come out perfect and yet there are times they come out looking like
beginners, not to mention I worked on that darn zipper for half and hour. I don't get it. I sew them the same way all the time.
Also I dread hemming. Most of the time i just sew a bias tape on the bottom of my skirts, it's cheating but they do come out looking cute!
Happy Spring!

Crystal Arcand said...

Your work on that zipper looks flawless. Well done!

Elyssa said...

Ah yes! I do not like cutting out either!! I don't like hemming for the most part either unless it's bias tape or rolled hemmed with the serger. ;-)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

I agree!! I seriously hat cutting things out! My procrastination of cutting has put MANY of my garments on hold before... :/