Friday, July 20, 2012

Lazy July Days

It has been another warm week with many more warm days to follow. On days such as these, it's best to wake early to water the gardens, get a long walk in before it's to hot, and then watch the outside world from an air conditioned house. (Thankyou Lord for AC!)

[Mint shades have been my favorite to wear this year. What has been your favorite(s)?]

["Cute As A Button" nail polish by Essie]

[Sadie, my sister's Golden Retriever, enjoying cool shade]
The end of July reminds me of a poem I came across this morning:

"Yellow with birdfoot-trefoil are the glass glades;
Yellow with cinquefoil of the dew-gray leaf;
Yellow with stonecrop; the moss-mounds are yellow;
Blue-necked the wheat sways, yellowing to the sheaf.
Green-yellow, bursts from the copse the laughing yaffle;
Sharp as a sickle is the edge of shade and shine.
Earth in her heart laughs, looking at the heavens,
Thinking of the harvest, I look and think of mine."
 'Love in the Vally,' G. Meredith

[Gala apples growing in great abundance]

[Homegrown peaches from a friend]

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