Friday, July 13, 2012

Sew Liberated's Emmeline Apron

Not so much anymore but I used to get so many requests to make patterns off of the aprons I sell on etsy (maybe they aren't interesting like they used to be?) and sadly I'd have to tell them I don't know the first thing to pattern making. I have a few blogging friends who have made PDF patterns to sell and being a customer who have bought them, I can say I'd MUCH RATHER spend a few dollars more to buy a pattern printed on a sheet than printing out scores of pages to organize, tape, and cut out.

[Where was I going with that???]

Back on track: I'd often refer pleading customers to my favorite apron pattern that Sew Liberated puts out. The Emmeline Apron is modern, functional, cute, and my favorite of all: it's like having two aprons since it's completely reversible.

My latest work of this apron is a combination of out of print fabrics. The one side is a simple chevron-like print in blue.

The other side is a vintage feedsack cotton calico of favorite primary colors. I used navy symphony broadcloth for the ties, binding, and neck straps. (Both pictures are not very clear, I apologize!)

Shortly after making it, I contemplated if whether I should keep it or not (since I currently don't own one in this style) but then I remembered that I needed a gift for a dear lady whose family hosted me during a semester of college. She loves the color blue, and I think this will fit the bill perfectly since she is often in the kitchen making delicious meals for her family.

I'm still waiting on her Blueberry Muffin recipe and her Vegetable Soup recipe that she told me she'd send. :)


Laura said...

I like the Emmaline apron - I've thought of buying it and modifying it into a maternity apron. But two pregnancies down and it's still just a thought! :)
I know some people hate PDF patterns - they can be kind of unwieldy. But if you need a pattern ASAP its nice to be able to get it that way. Also, I don't mind all the taping and organizing if it's a small pattern. The only dress I've made from a PDF was the S&S swing dress, and yes that was a lot of taping!! ;)

Cheri said...

Laura, because of the style of the pattern you may not have to alter it for maternity, but then what would I know about pregnancies? ;)

I'm sure a PDF pattern wouldn't be half so bad if you just a few pages to work with, and I can see how if someone is in a pinch, it would be helpful. So while I don't hate them, they aren't my first preference.

Sometime I need to contact you for your mailing address. I wanted to send something out to you, but then realized that I didn't have it. :)

Blessings on your day!

Laura said...

It looks to me like the pattern would need some added fullness in front, but otherwise i don't think it would need any more changes!
I'll try to remember to email you my address soon :)

aprons said...

hey girl! i love the aprons! they are both SOOOO DARLING!!!