Sunday, April 07, 2013


Spring break in Michigan was wonderful. The time to rest, relax, laugh, shop, practice (a musician cannot leave her instruments!), sort through old family photos, tell stories, and so much more was exactly what I needed.

There were at least three days that Grandma and I went out antique shopping. Grandma found a few things, but then realized she had to make room for them in her dining room hutch. She pulled out a couple pieces that she hasn't used in awhile. She bought them from an older neighbor lady several years ago who said they were her grandmothers.

"They can be yours when you set up housekeeping," Grandma said. She has already handed me a few other things and they are indeed very special.

This fall it seems as though I'll be setting up house with a few other music friends by way of splitting an apartment or house in town. We are quite excited, and my domestic side is wanting to kick into high gear already. :)

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Sarah said...

How fun to share this special time with your grandmother! The dishes she gave you are beautiful.