Thursday, May 09, 2013

Chevron (not the gas station)

Chevron in Blue

Chevron in Yellow

Chevron in Red

For my birthday last month, my parents bought me two yards of this beautiful chevron fabric. After seeing the above pictures from pinterest and Ashley's homemade version of this skirt for summer wear, I'm anxious to get started. I have a feeling I'll want this skirt in more colors, though the grey and off-white will be very versatile.

What do you think of chevron? love it? hate it?


Laura said...

I think the chevron striped skirts are cute! These are sold at I like the striped ones a lot, too. I think it would be a super-easy skirt to make yourself with no pattern -- looks like a dirndl skirt with pleats instead of gathers. Have fun sewing! It's hard to resist a new skirt, that's for sure... :)

Anonymous said...

Cute skirts! I would have a tough time picking which color! Cheri,please do post a picture of it when you're done.
Happy sewing!

Cheri said...

Thanks, Laura and Irene. I'll post pictures when it's finished. I'm hoping to cut it out this afternoon. :)