Friday, August 09, 2013

S&S 1940s Swing Dress in Midnight Blue

It was on Wednesday that I locked (figuratively) myself in the sewing room to finish up everything on my table. There was an alteration for a friend from church, and then my sister's dress. Both were completed. What a relief, and yet what an odd feeling to not having anything to sew. ;)

As requested, I took a couple pictures of the completed dress. Using another wonderful pattern from Sense & Sensibility, I only made very little alterations to the 40s style dress. The biggest "fix" was the length of the skirt, since my petite sister wasn't wanting anything super long but a modest somewhere-below-the-knee. Since she's currently in Mexico, I had to guess on the length! :)

The fabric she chose was a poly satin crepe fabric, and while she is a classy lady, she didn't want the shiny side of the fabric so I used the crepe side. It's such a pretty blue color, and will match her eyes perfectly. I've teased her that she'll need a chaperon when she wears this dress. ;)

The front bodice is softly gathered at the shoulders and at the waist which meets the front yoke. I suppose my sister could wear a camisole or a pretty brooch at the neckline to keep the front crossover part from becoming scandalous!

The sleeves are just-above-elbow length and straight. The gored skirt is a-line, making for a slimming silhouette.

The dress features a hidden zipper on the side that starts in the bodice and extends into the skirt. I was thanking the Lord that it went in flawlessly the first time. The back of the dress has simple pleats at the bodice waistline, and has ties in the back.

Hopefully this fall, I'll have a picture or two for you all of my sister modeling the dress. Did I already mention that she'll be wearing it for a Retro-Diner themed dinner at a conference that she's photographing? With a set of kid gloves and a pearl necklace, she's bound to look fabulous!

Shakespeare was right: "Summer's lease hath all too short a date..."


Sarah said...

Cheri, you did a terrific job! I am sure your sister will be very pleased and have a great time wearing your beautiful creation.

Marci said...

Beautiful Dress! You did such a great job! She will be gorgeous in it! THIS weekend did you say? Say it's not so! Love to you. m

Cheri said...

Thanks so much to you both! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will fit my sister. :)